Please note that due to the current social distancing rules we cannot offer any stand season tickets at this time. THEREFORE, ANY SEASON TICKET PURCHASED PROVIDES ACCESS TO THE TERRACING ONLY AT THIS TIME. We do hope to run a rota system for previous stand season ticket holders to provide some level of access, but this will be on a restricted basis. (see details below).

As outlined above due to the current social distancing rules we cannot offer any stand season tickets at this time. These social distancing rules mean that the capacity of the stand is around 15% of the usual number. In addition, areas of the stand must be used for necessary match day operations due to the pressure on other parts of the ground, again due to the social distancing rules. The result is that unfortunately we cannot, at this time, provide the usual seating options for supporters at forthcoming matches.

However, in order to try to accommodate some supporters in the stand we would invite anyone, who held a stand season ticket in season 2019/20, to confirm, at time of purchase, if they wish to be considered for a rota-based system for any available seats in season 2021/22.

Please note that based on stand season ticket holder numbers from 2019/20 this means a stand seat will only be offered approximately every three or four games. Anyone not included in the rota for a particular match will be able to take up a place on the terracing - although we do appreciate that is not possible for several our supporters. We obviously hope that restrictions are eased further or removed entirely, and we can then offer a stand seat on a more regular basis but at present we feel it is only fair to provide information based on the current situation.

We appreciate this lack of a guaranteed stand seat will prevent some supporters from attending games until these rules are removed and we can fully open the stand as in previous seasons. We share the disappointment of those affected but as with many aspects of our lives over the last year and a half we are bound by the government guidelines which must be followed to allow football to continue.

Please also note that we cannot, under any circumstances, offer a specific seat to those who are offered a seat on the rota basis. Again, due to social distancing certain seats and areas are not in use and seats will be occupied on a first come basis on a match day by those on the rota for the match. Once again if the restrictions are lifted to a level where the full stand can reopen as normal, we will do everything we can to accommodate previous stand season ticket holders in their usual seat.

For any previous stand patron who feels able to use the terracing, we would ask that you please do not request access to the rota system at this time. Your assistance with this will free up space at more games to those who are unable to attend matches without having a seat. As and when restrictions are removed all stand patrons from 2019/20 who purchase a season ticket for season 2021/22 will be given the option to move to a stand season ticket at that time (at no additional cost).

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