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Full terms and conditions for the live streaming service can be found at: https://forfarathletic.univtec...

Please note we are not able to provide commentary with our live streaming service.



▶️ Once you have registered you may be asked to subscribe to a season ticket. Please do not select this option but click on 'Not now' and visit the home page. If you are asked for an Access code please click past this option. There is NO Access code for PPV games – therefore please click ‘Not Now’ and you will be taken to the main match page.

▶️ Click on the Forfar Athletic v Team match graphic. Find the Tickets for Sale section (below the Access code information) and ‘Buy this event now’. Follow the payment instructions. Check your email for the payment confirmation email from Stripe.

This option is for non-season ticket holders and away supporters and has been priced at £12 match to ensure season tickets remains good value across the season.



Step 1 - You only provide your name and email and select a password to register.

Step 2 - Once registered you will be asked to Redeem your Access Code. Please enter your Access Code above and click “Send Code”. If you have not received the access code email, please contact us at: [email protected]

Please do NOT select the £150 season plan listed on the site, make any payments for any matches, or enter any card details. As a season ticket holder, you have already paid! If you are unsure, please email us on one of the support emails below.

Step 3 - After you enter the Access Code above you will see a screen with a green tick. This confirms your subscription will run until 3 May 2021 (this excludes any play-off matches and Scottish Cup ties which, if required, will be subject to an additional cost as per earlier seasons. This access is also subject to supporter restrictions in place during the season). If you receive a message saying the code has already been redeemed or have any other issues, please contact us at one of the Support emails below.

Step 4 - You can now logout and return to the site any time prior to kick-off.

Step 5 - We recommend you log in early in on match days in case you have any issues. New home league games will appear a few days ahead of each match day and as above you will only need to log in and then click on the relevant match to watch live (the stream will usually go live at 2.05pm for 3pm kick-offs / 7.00pm for 7.45pm kick-offs).

Step 6 - After games are played, a recording of the match will appear on the home page and you can watch these back on demand.

ALREADY REGISTERED? If you are already registered but have not yet redeemed your access code, please follow the steps 2-6 above after logging in at:

AWAY MATCHES Each Club is running its own broadcast and payment arrangements. Please note that not all matches may be live streamed. We will advertise away match details as soon as we can prior to each match day. You will need to sign up with all away Clubs as a PPV customer to access their streams even if they are using a Pixellot system.

BE AWARE You will not be asked for any personal data other than a name and password. If you are asked for other information, payment and / or the information is in another language, please be aware as this may be a scam site. These seem to be popping up on places such as YouTube and Facebook. Only view live streams via the link above.


Forfar Athletic TV Registration page:

Home page:

Forfar Athletic TV YouTube Channel:

FAFC Match Day 50-50:


Please read the troubleshooting notes below.

If you cannot find a solution please email us E: [email protected] or [email protected]

Please note these accounts are managed by volunteers at the Club and not by an external company. We therefore appreciate your patience as we do our very best to respond quickly to questions sent to either account. Please note this is not a live television broadcast with multiple camera angles, action replays and a full production team. It is an automated camera system. We are also not able to offer commentary with the live stream at this stage (any volunteers to try their hand please let us know!), but you may well hear pitch noise. Therefore we would ask supporters to keep in mind the live stream will not have the same feel to it as the conventional live television broadcast coverage we’ve all become accustomed to but it will provide supporters with the chance to see the live action.

We would suggest that if you have previously had any difficulties accessing our live streams – or have not previously registered – that you register at an early time and test access to the stream well in advance of the scheduled kick-off time. The streams will usually begin broadcast around 45 mins prior to kick-off.

If you are still experiencing difficulties, we would suggest that you try the following steps first, prior to contacting our support service. There are also some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) here - and we would also suggesting trying a few basic things before contacting us:

  • Does your computer/tablet meet the minimum specification requirements?
  • Does your operating system meet the minimum requirements? If not, please try updating this and/or downloading the latest software update for your device first to see if that fixes any problems.
  • Are you using up-to-date browser software?
  • If you are viewing on a tablet or smartphone, instead of viewing in your browser try downloading our App from either the iTunes of Google Play App Store – just search for “Forfar Athletic” in the App Store;
  • Try clearing the cache on your computer/browser;
  • Have you previously logged-in/registered using a different email address/account?
  • Have you previously logged-in on a different device? If so, you will need to delete/remove that devices, as the system only allows one device to be logged-in/used at a time;
  • If you are experiencing some buffering – try restarting your internet router and/or check your internet connection speed (min. 3Mbps download speed required);
  • If you have forgotten your password, it can be reset via this link
  • If you have not previously registered (i.e. if you are an “away” supporter, do not have a season ticket and/or have not previously watched a live PPV event through our portal), you can register and then pay for the match you wish to see via this link
  • If you are already registered and are a season ticket holder, but have not yet redeemed your access code, that can be redeemed by clicking the “person” icon in the top-right corner of the screen and then selecting “subscription”. You should then be able to enter your season ticket access code to activate your service. We would suggest that this code is “cut and paste” from your email to avoid mis-typing or mistaking characters (i.e. a lower-case “l” can be easily mistaken for an upper-case “I”);
  • If you are a season ticket holder and have not received your access code, please check your spam/junk email folder – as those were sent on 15/10/20 to the email addresses provided when season ticket purchases were made.

PPV Additional Information

The above tips apply to both season ticket and PPV ticket holders. However there are a couple of additional points for PPV subscribers:

  • Once you have paid you will be sent a confirmation email by Stripe. When you log back to view the match you only need to click on the match graphic.
  • As we have posted previously, there are NO ACCESS CODES for the pay-per-view service, once this is purchased, it is automatically added to the account which you made the purchase with and is non-transferable.
  • If you get any kind of internal error when trying to pay you should clear the cache and / or log out and log back in again. If that does not fix the issue then please try another payment card. If you have used the PPV service before and your card details do not work please add the card again or a new card.

The above may seem simple/straightforward to some, but we understand that not everyone may know to follow/try those initial steps in the first instance.

If you are still experiencing issues, please do email [email protected] and we will do our best to try to help.

We are sorry, but emails received at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon saying “I cannae get in” really don’t give us much to work with!! When emailing, it would help us to help you if you could please try to do so at and early time and provide us with the following information:

  • Type of device being used to access the service (i.e. laptop/tablet/iPad, etc.). Please note, that although we are aware that the service does work on some “smart TV’s”, those devices are not officially supported and due to the vast array of smart TV’s available we are unable to provide support in relation to those devices. If you are having difficulty using a smart TV, please try accessing the service using an alternative device prior to contacting our support service;
  • Operating System and version (i.e. Windows 10/Android 7.x/iOS 12.1, etc.);
  • Browser software being used (i.e. Mircosoft Edge/Google Chrome/Firefox/Safari, etc.);
  • Email address/account the purchase was made from;
  • A description of the issue (the more information you are able to provide us with, the better chance we will have to isolate the issue and endeavour to provide a solution).

Unfortunately, we are not able to deal with support queries regarding registration or season ticket access codes whilst a match is underway. At that time, it is necessary for us to prioritise issues which may relate to the delivery of the live stream itself.

To date our live streams appear to have been relatively successful and we appear to have managed to avoid some of the issues which appear to have affected other Clubs. This is something which we have worked hard to achieve. However, we are sure that all viewers will appreciate that this is a new venture for most League 1 / 2 clubs and is using relatively new technology. As such, we would ask for your patience and understanding should any issues arise and assure you that we will give our full attention to resolving any issues which do arise as quickly as possible.

Please only email [email protected] for any support queries as we are unable to provide telephone support and the personnel dealing with the support and live-streaming are not contactable via the main Club telephone number.